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No jumping

No biting

No chewing

 No problem!


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727-816-3973  teachyourdog@gmail.com

Grand Opening Dog Training Specials: $99.00 Puppy Prep School or Tiny Tots Class

Sunday Jan. 27th at 2:30pm

Introductory Offer: Try a Levels Membership for a month for $99.00



Is Your Dog Driving You Crazy?

  • Does your dog jump on your guests?
  • Does your dog bark constantly?
  • Is your puppy nipping and chewing on everything in sight?
  • Is your dog dragging you down the street?

We Can Help!

  • We help you and your dog to communicate with each other.
  • Your dog will be more focused with less distractions.
  • We train your dog all the necessary commands to make your life easier.
  • We teach you to teach your dog.

We now offer a brand new concept in dog training, Levels Classes

Levels Dog Training is a member’s only training program.

Owners and their dogs can join one of three types of level’s memberships: Bronze, Silver or Gold. During your period of enrollment, you can attend as much or as little training as you like.

The levels program consists of several skill levels.

Each level introduces new skills to your dog while continuing to practice previous skills with more and more distractions. Although each level has specific skill requirements which must be met prior to moving on to the next level, you and your dog progress through the levels at your own pace. Move through all four levels or choose to stay at a lower level. The choice is yours! It’s a new twist on dog training and allows busy owners the flexibility they need to really teach their dog.

 Must attend Orientation before class, humans only (no dogs) RSVP (limited space)

1/21/2018 Sunday at 12:30pm
Dogs are, after all, man's best friend. 
The least we can do is try to understand them a little better......Nicholas Dodman