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 Imagine having the dog of your dreams

No jumping

No biting

No chewing

 No problem!


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Joyce Moore Dog Training will now be offering classes.

Watch for our Grand Opening Discounts (All classes will be discounted)


Is Your Dog Driving You Crazy?

  • Does your dog jump on your guests?
  • Does your dog bark constantly?
  • Is your puppy nipping and chewing on everything in sight?
  • Is your dog dragging you down the street?

We Can Help!

  • We help you and your dog to communicate with each other.
  • Your dog will be more focused with less distractions.
  • We train your dog all the necessary commands to make your life easier.
  • We teach you to teach your dog.
Dogs are, after all, man's best friend. 
The least we can do is try to understand them a little better......Nicholas Dodman